Author/Rodeo Producer


When Oklahoma trick roper Ken Lance married Ruth Whitlock, he knew he had found the woman who would share his rodeo cowboy dream.  She rode into the arena in Chicago, December 1961 as the rodeo princess and returned with Ken to Oklahoma as his wife and business partner for the next twenty-five years.  Together, with their dads, the four of them combined their resources to build the Ken Lance Sports Arena and restore the annual Ada Rodeo to its pre-WWII glory, as the second largest outdoor rodeo in the nation.

“I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today

if I had not met Ken Lance.”

Reba McEntire

Singer, Actress, Superstar

“Very few  producers in the history of rodeo have contributed as much to the sport and their community as has Ken Lance.  When you signed a contract with him, you were assured that the presentation would be professional, the audience would apprexiate your music, and you would be treated fairly.  Ken, I treasure your friendship.”

Red Steagall

Singer, Songwriter and

Official Texas Cowboy Poet  

“During three decades the Ken Lance Sports Arena brought wrangling gladiators and country and western singing stars to Oklahoma, giving birth to generations of fond memories.  Ruth Lance rode at her husband’s side, part rodeo queen and part businesswoman at a time women were only beginning to step into big business.  Ruth was a true pioneer in Wild West enterprise.”

Mel Odom

Author of more than 132 books

“Ken Lance is a wonderful asset to the Chickasaw Nation as well as to the world of rodeo.  He helped to make rodeoing one of the most respected and highly attended events in this part of the country.  We all benefit from Ken Lance and believe that his accomplishments will never be forgotten.”

Bill Anoatubby

Governor Chickasaw Nation